Finally, back to work

Amelia has some rally trials coming up this month, and both dogs were tired of me ignoring them while I argue with the computer, so we actually did some training tonight.

For Amelia, I picked out 5 of her rally cards (3×5 cards with a rally exercise on each). We worked on moving stands, halt call front, back up 3 steps, call front 1-2-3, and 360 left. I got a couple of sits or downs on the moving stands, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I was inconsistent with my cues. If I say whoa-stay, she stays standing. Just whoa, and she tries something else. Bad handler! The others went very well. She really pretty much knows this stuff, so I wasn’t clicking for this. Then we did some heeling, and finally worked on her trash can trick.

I’m teaching her to open a small pedal trash can. She got pushing the pedal by using a foot target, then transferring that to the pedal. I had a lot of trouble teaching her to push the pedal with something in her mouth, though. So I put an object in the trash can, and had her retrieve it. That seemed to help with the idea that she can be holding something in her mouth and pushing with her foot at the same time. We haven’t worked on it in a while, though, so tonight I just worked on getting duration on pushing the pedal. Went pretty well.

Then I went to work on Joey and his nails. The only way the former owners trimmed his nails was for someone to hold him and someone else to clip. Since I live alone, this is not an option. So we’ve been working (and working, and working) on getting him to give me his paws. That went pretty well. Then I worked (and worked, and worked) on getting him to let me touch his nails with the clippers. (I did have a long side trip through getting him used to the dremel. It went really, really well, right up to the moment I touched a nail with it. Once I scraped him off the ceiling, I promised we’d use clippers from then on.) Tonight I managed to clip four nails. For some reason, he’s much more reluctant to have the nails on his right front clipped than his left. He’s equally willing to give me either foot, have me hold either foot, manipulate all his toes, but once I’ve clipped a right nail, I have to go way back before he’ll let me hold that paw again.

Anyway, everybody’s happy to have had a training session!


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2 Responses to “Finally, back to work”

  1. Holly Says:

    how in the world did you get the world to change today into tomorrow!? I always knew you were good but had no idea HOW good!

    just kidding.

    You work your dogs more than I do, lucky dogs!

  2. ellenspn Says:

    Liza, you are making me tired…

    Which reminds me, I have to enter Flying Paws rally trial!

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