More training

Tonight I worked with Amelia on the moving down/turn call front, halt/call front/finish, leave/call front while running, call front finish left, and moving stand/down/sit/recall. She did really well. I do notice that if I stop and she sits, and I say sit anyway, she downs. If I say sit before she’s actually sitting, she’s fine. But I don’t really have a reliable auto sit. Maybe I should work on that! Then we did another session with the trash can, still working on duration. And we finished up with right-side heeling. It went really well. She knows the rally moves, I’m just tuning her up, we have trials later in Jan. Heard today that we got into the sheltie club’s AKC trial, which is nice.

I decided to give Joey a break from nails. Just in time–at first all he would do is offer his paw! It was very cute. So we spent some time working on sit, stand, and down. He is, for a blind dog, extremely determined to always be in front of me. And it’s not always easy for him to find out where that is. But, he’s kind of getting the cues associated with the behaviors.

And Amelia did something really brilliant. We have a long history of her bringing me things when asked, and I almost always treat her for it. Tonight I dropped an old judging program that I was tossing. I asked her to pick it up. She started trying to get it, but she started on the folded side. Then she spun it around, got hold of the open side, and picked it up! What a brilliant child she is.


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One Response to “More training”

  1. Holly Says:

    yes, well, brilliant children often have brilliant owners too.

    Good girl Amelia!

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