The basenjis are suffering

It snowed this morning. Then the wind blew, so even though it had stopped actually snowing, the snow was blowing around all over the place like a blizzard. The b’s were NOT impressed. I’d go so far as to say the b’s were ticked. pissed. irate.

When I got home from work the snow was mostly gone except on some of the grass, but it was cold. I called Joey to go for a walk, and when he heard the velcro on his coat unzip, he made a uturn and went back to the couch. I made him go for a walk anyway. Then I took Amelia out for her walk. She’s got this winter thing down; by the time we reach the end of the buildings, she’s taken care of business and is ready to go back home. Smart girl.

We’re all ready for spring. And it’s only January.


2 Responses to “The basenjis are suffering”

  1. wakanbasenjis Says:

    Same here. B’s NOT impressed with this weather after the first day of the first snow. Now it is just plain cold and they just want to stay inside where it is cozy and warm! Have to force them out.

    Liza, your potty request is duly noted…..

  2. Holly Says:

    and then there are the Corgis….who (mostly) want to move outside. It is *finally* cool enough. They lay down in the snow and survey their domain.


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