Taking it on the road

We went to our usual Sunday freestyle meeting with our friend Ruth. Ruth is one of the few people Joey actually likes. It took him about six months, but today he actually stood up and put his paws on her! For Joey this is huge. He got a lot of roast beef and lamb lung treats for being so social. Even with Ruth, though, he still sometimes gets overwhelmed, and has to walk away from her to compose himself. It’s so cool that he remembers how to calm himself when he starts feeling social pressure since he had so much trouble with this initially.

For Amelia, we tried differential reinforcement (not sure this is the correct term) on the road for the first time. She did her opening pose, then we ran to the treat bag and got 1 treat. Then we went back, did several moves, ran to the treat bag and got 4 or 5 treats. We repeated this several times, then just started doing longer behavior chains. The routine is still not choreographed, but I know several moves I want to have in it, so I just played around with those. She really likes this game; the more behaviors she does before reinforcement, the happier she gets. She was really into it.

We took some photos, and if I can remember how, I’ll upload some later.


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One Response to “Taking it on the road”

  1. holly Says:

    good girl Amelia, good boy Joey and good Liza for taking pictures!

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