Amelia and Joey get some training

I worked with Amelia first on going around the vase–I finally got some flowers to go in it, but I’ll need to cut their “stems” which will require finding the wire cutters. The vase kept falling over with them as is. So we just worked on going around the vase, and then on going around the vase and around me, in a figure 8. It’s coming along nicely.

Then I put on some music, In the Mood by Glenn Miller. It’s not a song we’re going to use, probably, but is there a human being alive that can resist dancing to In the Mood? We did about half the song, then many treats, then the second half, and many treats. We did that twice. It’s still working, she’s getting more and more animated the longer we go. I’ll keep adding duration until we’re doing the whole thing. We also did a little rally, just a few moves to keep her fairly sharp and get her used to doing long(ish) chains of rally behaviors for the big payoff.

I decided that I’m tired of Joey always sitting or downing right in front of me. So I had him sit, then moved to heel position and treated him multiple times. Then I asked for a down, and he went down from the sit right next to me! Yay Joey! Many fine treats. Given that he didn’t know sit or down when he came, unless a cookie was immediately in front of his nose, and that I hardly do anything with him except husbandry stuff, he’s coming along. Bless his dim little brain, and kindly heart.


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