Rats Rats Rats!

I’m very cross with mapquest right now. I had Amelia entered in a rally trial this evening. Because it was Friday night, I wanted to avoid the beltway and 95, my usual way to get to the site, so I got a set of directions cross-country. Everything went fine, until I was within two miles or so of the site. And I got totally lost. The roads dead-ended without ever going by the intersections where I was supposed to turn. I stopped and asked for directions, and got back to where mapquest said to turn, and it wasn’t there. We drove around for an hour and half, until long after Excellent would have been over, then came home without ever finding the site.

rats rats rats.


3 Responses to “Rats Rats Rats!”

  1. Mary Ann Dabritz Says:

    Liza, I have some friends that really got screwed up by MapQuest. It put them clear across the city, and I looked at the map that they had printed out, and it was very wrong! Don’t use Mapquest. Google maps are much better. It is on my Google Toolbar (free download), or here: http://maps.google.com

    So sorry for your bad experience!

    Mary Ann

  2. Marguerite Says:

    After a harrowing experience trying to get home from Alexandria, I got a GPS navigator (a Garmin Nuvi). I just can’t navigate with printed directions and drive too.

    Not that it’s perfect either, as I’ve been dumped at the wrong spot along a country road twice and once instructed to drive off the side of a mountain (!). But once I find the place (I always take the printed directions along), I can save the location to my favorites.

    Given the cost of entry fees, you can probably find a nice one for the price of a couple of trials.

  3. Debbie Davidson Says:

    Oh gosh, I’m very sorry you had this experience. I used to rely on mapquest when I lived in MA. I live in Jamaica now, so it’s irrelevant.

    I’m so very soory that you missed the trial. I can only imagine your frustration. Look on the bright side: you have a longer time to prepare for the next one and you will do splendidly!

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