Happy Birthday, Dittany

Dittany would have been 16 today if she had lived. She died in July of this year, at 15-1/2. She was a beautiful black-and-white basenji girl, easily finishing her championship at just over a year, with limited showing. Damara Bolte, an excellent handler, showed her for me in conformation, which remains a mystery to me. She remained beautiful to her final day.

She also got a CD, and a U-CD. It wasn’t easy; I was trying to change over to clicker training, with basically no guidance or instruction. And D had some noise sensitivity, and was easily spooked. But we persevered together.

I’m glad that APDT rally came along at the end of her life. It was the perfect venue for her. I could talk to her all the way through the courses, and even though she lost her vision to PRA, APDT let us continue to show. Dittany didn’t retire totally from the ring until her 13th birthday. She really loved coming out to the trials, and strutting her stuff in the ring. And she liked the cookies, too.

There’s a new puppy coming into our lives soon, but the hole Dittany left in my heart will never be filled.



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dittany”

  1. Ellen Bloomfield Says:

    I will never forget the night in Jean’s backyard when my Roo was “herded” by Dittany and Amelia. It was way too funny!


    I just was looking at the photos I took of you, Amelia and Dittany in my back yard in Akron, Ohio a million years ago. I think my Kidlet was about 2 then.

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