Performance dog, my A@@

Well, this weekend was a bust. We showed in APDT rally, and NQ’d both level 3 runs. Since we’re working toward an ARCH-MX, which requires scores of 195 or better in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 in the same trial, we were skunked.

Saturday was really odd. Amelia wasn’t the only dog to act totally out of character. Maybe it was the snowstorm? Or the handlers’ added tension because of the storm? We were all worrying about how we’d get home. The snow (forecasted to be “flurries” in our area) started mid-morning, and continued all day. We ended up with about 4-6 inches of flurry. A did well in level 1, pointed out in level 2 (she had a 193, mostly points lost on heeling as she wandered at random around the ring, occasionally walking more-or-less next to me), and was a total space case in level 3. Level 3 is usually our favorite, but there was nobody home in the basenji head yesterday! We NQ’d when I touched her, which seemed to be the only way to get her attention at all.

Today, I got to the trial late, and moved Amelia to the afternoon trial. (I don’t know if she has 6 good runs a day in her, now that she’s 10, so I only enter one trial a day.) Level 3, she walked on the moving stand–both of them! And moving stand is one of her best exercises. In level 2 she did fairly well, and in level 1 she was nearly her old self. Level 1 was the last run we had, so I gave her all the treats left in the treat container.

Oh well, there’ll be other trials. And hopefully, in the spring and summer we won’t have a blizzard. Excuse me, a flurry.


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One Response to “Performance dog, my A@@”

  1. ellenspn Says:

    Been there done that. Maybe we should trade dogs? Daisy for Amelia? Naw, both would find interesting ways to NQ.

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