Amelia and the balance ball

I picked up an electric air pump today and inflated the balance ball. Amelia loves it! It’s not quite fully inflated yet, this was just her first experience with it. I rolled it against a box, so she could just step onto it. She was very willing to stand on it with all four feet. And we did some head turns, both directions, and she balanced very well. At the end of the session, I started letting it roll a bit away from the box, so it could tip a bit. That was a LOT harder. It’s not really a ball, it’s longer than wide, but it’s not a peanut, either. I forget what they called it.


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2 Responses to “Amelia and the balance ball”

  1. Lise Says:

    Liza, hi! I found you in the comments on Patricia McConnell’s blog post today!

    Are there going to be photos of the graceful Ms. Amelia? Does she get a spandex bodysuit? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • lizalundell Says:

      Hi! How are you doing? Haven’t heard from you in a while. There will be photos of Amelia, but no spandex. I just have to find the cable to get the photos out of the camera and into the ‘puter. I am such a technological dummy.

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