Amelia, Joey, snow

Amelia and her donut

It’s a lousy picture, but managing the dog, the donut, the clicker, the treats, and the camera was a bit too much for me. The box is just the right height for her to step right onto the donut.

These are some miscellaneous pictures, taken yesterday in the snow and a couple of weeks ago at training.

Walking out of the apartment, 2/6/10

 The lump on the right is my car.

Not much space for the b's to walk in

But at least they did clear some of the sidewalk. Joey has trouble negotiating the walkways, bouncing off one drift after another. He just doesn’t get the concept of having to walk in a straight line.

Amelia trapped in the walkway

Joey and Amelia sit for their friend Ruth

Amelia’s on the left, Joey on the right.

Joey, dressed for success

Joey takes a cookie from his friend Ruth

Joey doesn’t have a whole lot of friends. It took months for him to get comfortable enough with Ruth to accept cookies from her.

Joey and Ruth

and Amelia in the background, trying to insert her nose into the treat pocket.

Amelia, left, and Joey, right, sitting for treats

Amelia does a right-side heel


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3 Responses to “Amelia, Joey, snow”

  1. courtenay Says:

    I always imagined them (amelia especially) so much darker red. They are very cute doggies 🙂 Good job getting the photos onto the blog, by the way!!

  2. Terena Says:

    To me the pictures look like fairyland, very pretty! Not being an American, I am gathering from your comments that the amount of snow you are getting in DC (and also in other parts of America) is abnormal, once in a lifetime?
    Here in Australia at Canberra, the equivalent of DC (political capital, although it is actually the nations capital, but most people think that is Sydney), we are having the opposite weather, very hot (100 F plus) and very dry (no decent rain for several months). The basenjis would love it!

    • lizalundell Says:

      Yes, this is a one-off storm. Actually, it’s a one-off winter; we’ve already had a huge storm in December. And now we’re expecting more snow later this week. The federal government actually closed today, not something they do lightly. But it did make my commute a lot easier.

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