Snow day musings

The DC area definitely has more snow than we really need. This is an area, for you out-of-towners, that goes berserk with an inch of snow. Traffic jams, gridlock, multiple fender benders, runs on the store for milk, bread, and toilet paper, total hysteria. With two feet of snow, we’re beyond nuts. The federal government (our biggest local employer) shut down Friday, and I just heard they’ve decided to shut down on Monday, too. Probably a wise decision; nothing gets done even by the folks who managed to straggle into the office; everybody just stands around talking about how rotten the commute was and how hard it’s going to be to get home. I’ll probably go in on Monday; they’re calling for more snow on Tuesday, and with the feds off the roads it shouldn’t be too bad.

Our apartment complex has been doing a very good job. They’ve even cleaned the sidewalks, so the basenjis can go for (very short) walks. Amelia, being a pragmatic soul, just goes out and does what needs to be done and runs for home. Joey is a bit more fastidious, and really disapproves of pottying on the sidewalk. Given that the snow is over his head, he doesn’t have much choice. Poor boy, he wanders along, bouncing off one drift after another, searching desperately for grass. He’s not going to find it anytime soon, though. Both dogs start to limp from the cold and ice (and ice-melt) after a few minutes. I feel very sorry for them, and really wish I’d taught them to use a litter box. The puppy should come with litter-box pre-installed, which will be great. Of course, the puppy will probably never have seen grass, and I don’t know if he’s going to see it here either, at least for a while.

Of course, when the complex plows the drives, they pile snow in front of the cars. And since this was such a big snow, they plowed several times. So in front of my poor little Subaru there was a waist-high wall of snow and ice, in layers. Fortunately, my neighbors helped me dig out. I couldn’t move the ice at all with my little plastic shovel. Which is still more than a lot of my neighbors have! It’s amazing what folks will use to move snow. My neighbor was just getting home (at noon on Sunday) after being out plowing since Friday night. He works for a neighboring jurisdiction, and is very nice. He and his son did a fabulous job digging me out.



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