More snow photos

The view outside

 This is the view from the front door of my apartment building. That humungous pile of snow around the tree straight ahead is not covering a car, it’s what they piled up from the last snowstorm. The good news is, it’s pretty much screening my car, so I didn’t have to do much shoveling at all.


This tree is right outside my kitchen window. The squirrels like to tease Amelia, but today this guy doesn’t look like he wants to do anything but get indoors somewhere. And Amelia was sure not in the mood to go out after him!

This bizarre icicle has formed on a (thin) branch of the tree outside my kitchen. I’ve never seen an icicle like this before.


He’s had his walk and his breakfast, and this is all I saw of him for the rest of the day. Equatorial Africa was never like this!


Just an (unfurled) curly little tail, that’s all that’s peeking out from under the comforter.


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