Joey at the vet

Just his usual six-month check up with his ophthalmologist. Joey has very bad eyes. He had uveitis, which left him totally blind. He also has cataracts. He doesn’t have glaucoma, which is good, as that is a painful disease which would probably have caused him to lose one or both eyes. Because of his problems, his eyes are atrophying, and a couple of months ago he started having a lot of discharge around his left eye. The skin next to the eye was turning inward, so the hair was touching the eyeball, which was causing irritation. Dr. Caruso put him on some thick eyedrops, three times a day, and that really turned things around. He’s been doing great, but he does need to be checked up on.

At least, that’s my opionion, and Dr. Caruso’s, too. Joey thinks this is totally unneccessary harassment of a perfectly nice dog. Joey wears a muzzle at the vet’s (any vet’s, for any treatment) because Joey doesn’t like surprises, he doesn’t like strangers, and he certainly doesn’t like strangers touching him. Fortunately, he had muzzle tolerance pre-installed, from his straight-racing days. Straight-racers wear basket muzzles, and it’s worth it to them because the muzzle means they GET TO RUN! and that’s a good thing. So it transfers over to the veterinary muzzles pretty well. I think all dogs should be desensitized to a muzzle. You never know; even the nicest dog will snap if it’s in pain. And after something has happened it’s a little late to start a desensitization program.

Joey’s very funny on the table. He started out protesting a lot, but he’s gotten used enough to the procedures that he just keeps up a funny little rumble-y growl. Just enough to let us all know he’s not happy. I spray cheese from a can down him almost the whole time we’re at the vet; he likes him some cheese, and it makes up for having to put up with other dogs and strange people. Dr. Caruso even gave him some cheese after his exam, through the muzzle. Another advantage of squeeze cheese!

He’s doing so well she’s cut his meds way back; he gets pred. eyedrops twice a week, and the GenTeal drops twice a day. A far cry from his first visit, when he came home with three different eye drops that he had to have a total of eight times a day! Thank the lord for canned cheese! He’ll put up with an awful lot for a big splurge of cheese.


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One Response to “Joey at the vet”

  1. Holly Says:

    Dash wears a muzzle at the vets too. The assistant doesn’t think he needs one but I like my vet too much to risk him. The last time he was at the vets, I made the mistake of taking his muzzle off before I got him in the Jeep. He was so agitated he whirled, stood up against me and threatened me. I am certain it was overload and he was just all about not allowing .anyone. to touch him right then.

    I agree that every dog should learn to wear a muzzle, just as a precautionary measure.

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