A Joey breakthrough

I introduced Joey to the balance disk a few days ago, and tried it with him again tonight. Last time, all I got from him was a very delicate paw touch to it. But, tonight, he put both front feet on it and stood there! Many c/t, lots of cheese and a few bits of sausage. Joey thinks this is easy! and fun.

I don’t think he’d like the egg very much, I think it would frighten him. Amelia is very confident about bailing off if she loses her balance; this is from her agility training. She was taught early how to bail off a teeter if necessary, so she knows what she’s doing. Every time she’s bailed off the egg, she’s jumped right back on. We’re working now on turning on the egg. That’s hard!

And Saturday, the puppy comes! talk about hard!


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One Response to “A Joey breakthrough”

  1. Holly Says:

    it’s Saturday!!!!! Puppy!!!!

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