I picked up the new puppy today. Turned out to be a different puppy from the one we’d picked for me a couple of weeks ago, but it’s still a brindle male and it’s all good. He’s got an adorable blaze and a nice personality. Very laid back and accepting of new/strange stuff. He cried a little in the car coming home, then settled down. We did have an accident in the crate, but hey, he’s a puppy! Amelia and Joey rode along with me. They are not impressed. Puppy’s first lesson: don’t try to nurse off the male dog. He doesn’t like it. But it was very funny!

In the ex-pen, which basically fills my small kitchen

For a while, it’s going to be pretty tight around here. The only non-carpeted part of my apartment is the kitchen, so that’s where the pup’s going to have to be. He was reasonably quiet, a little crying but not too bad. Then I fed everyone, and let the puppy wander around the apartment while Amelia was crated. That’s when we discovered that male dogs do not nurse puppies. Joey is still insulted.


Now he’s snoozing in a crate next to the couch. Amelia is sitting on the couch doing her vulture imitation. Joey is still sulking.

His registered name is Wakan Patriot Dream. Call name, Professor. He’s named after Professor Radcliff Emerson, from the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody books. I’ve already had a Peabody, an Amelia, and an Emerson. The Professor also ties in to the Harry Potter books, which I’m quite fond of.

Does anything on earth sleep as hard as a puppy?????



4 Responses to “PUPPY!!!”

  1. courtenay Says:

    a puppy owner, after being up all night with the puppy? 😀


    He is very cute. Amelia will be plotting his return to the breeders I am sure.

  3. Holly Says:

    Oh oh oh! *reaches out to hold him*

    He’s TOO FAR AWAY! *wails loudly*

    I love him!

  4. jane curthoys Says:

    Oh he’s gorgeous! Poor Joey though. My boy dogs always appreciate the puppies attentions untill their teeth come in. It’s all a bit disturbing :/

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