Professor’s Big Day

A busy first day! We stopped at the pet store on the way to freestyle and bought an embroidered black collar for him, and a few thises and thats. I carried him in and out, and didn’t set him down inside at all. But he got to meet the pet store guy, and a cutomer, who both admired him. Again, he settled down in the car in about 3-5 minutes, and stayed quiet in his crate when we stopped at the Starbucks drive-through. This puppy is so laid back!

At BAD, I took Joey in first, to give him some one-on-one time which he seemed to enjoy. Then I took Amelia in, leaving Joey in the car with Professor. We ran through her routine, then Melanie arrived. So we crated Amelia and brought Professor in. He got to meet Melanie’s youngster, an aussie. We kept both on leash, just because of the size difference, but both were very appropriate with each other. Professor was very blase about being in this huge building, no trouble with the flooring or anything. He was learning about his collar, which he’s not too crazy about, but he was fairly cool with it, none of the hooked fish stuff so many pups do. I’m not using it to move him, just following him holding the lead. He started circling, and I rushed him out. We found a patch of gravel that was sort of like the litter he’s used to, and he relieved himself there. I’ll make a trip to PetSmart tomorrow (I hear they’re having a sale) and get him a little coat; it’s still pretty raw and chilly here, but the big dog coats would swamp him!

Learning about the leashWhat a big place to explore!

 Then we introduced him to Amelia. I wanted to do this with another person, just in case Amelia decided that we really don’t need a puppy and she was the girl to take him out. Melanie held Professor’s leash, and I held Amelia’s. We did a little parallel walking, and let them meet each other. Total nonevent. Amelia was great with him. Lots of sniffing of each other, and circling and doing macrame with their leashes. And if she needs to, Amelia can always get up on a chair and sneer down at him!

Neener, neener, kid!

Professor was great with Melanie and Ruth, very interested and not at all shy or stand-offish.

People got treats!

You’d think, after all that, he’d have crashed, but no. He slept all the way home. When we got there, I put him in his ex-pen and left Amelia and Joey loose while I put a load of clothes in the washer. Somebody found out how to get out of the ex-pen, though, and he and Amelia had a rousing play session! And she’s really good with him, telling him off when he gets out of line, but being very appropriate and running and “wrestling” very nicely.

Duelling playbows

Hey kiddo, let's GO!

Checking him out


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    ADORABLE!!!! (interresting blog,too!)

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