Travellin’ man

Took the pupster to my vet today, just to socialize and get a quick check-up. He was very good; whining in car crate stopped after about 3 minutes, and he went to sleep. He got to meet the vet and his new best friend, Aunt Erika:

Posing with Aunt Erika at the vet's

Of course, with an attention span of only 10 seconds, he wanted to get down and explore:

Ready to go now!

Until he gets his second shots, he’s not wandering around a vet’s offices, so he got carried back out. He was very good, happy to meet new people, interested in checking things out.

When we got home, he took a long nap. And Amelia discovered the baby kong with a little bit of goodness left in it, and promptly took it off to the couch, where Professor can’t reach:

Amelia guarding the baby kong

Then we played with our current favorite toy (for about 20 seconds), the blue fuzzy skunk thing:

We love (briefly) our blue fuzzy skunk thing

He’s adapting to the collar pretty well. Still occasionally scratches at it, but that’s getting less and less as he gets accustomed to wearing it. We went out into the hallway of the apartment building, and he explored there, and learned how to go up and down stairs. They’re awfully tall for a little squirt! Now he’s napping under my chair.


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2 Responses to “Travellin’ man”

  1. Holly Says:

    “Now he’s napping under my chair.”


    how can you let him sleep anywhere but on your lap?????

    • lizalundell Says:

      He does, it’s very cute, right up until the moment he sinks those needle-sharp puppy teeth into my chin. or my nose. And he always looks SO angelic when he does it!


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