Wild, wonderful West Virginia

Took the beast to Charles Town to meet a friend for lunch. He was not impressed with West Virginia, where as far as he knows it is always cold, windy and raining. I took a photo of him in his traveling clothes and crate:

In his car crate with his wubba

And a photo of that beautiful face peering through the bars:

I can get out, please

But once he was out, he was not impressed. A quick piddle, then he wanted back into the nice warm car. He liked Kate, but then he likes everyone!

When we got home, we all took a nap, then he and Amelia had a play session. She is really enjoying this puppy! She did a play bow and actually wagged her tail at him! Very unusual for her, she’s not at all a waggy dog. Joey still thinks he’s a waste of carbon. And he seems to understand the difference between Amelia’s “knock that off if you want to keep playing” and Joey’s “knock that off if you want to keep breathing” even though they sound very similar to me. With Amelia, he stops chewing on her and continues to play; with Joey, he backs off. And Joey sinks back into sleep:

Dreaming of puppy-free days

After another nap, he and Amelia had a training session together. And he made a discovery–in the training room, there are other basenji puppies! and they look like him! and they’re sealed behind glass! It was very interesting. He’s just learning his name is Professor, and when he hears that he comes running to me and a click happens and a piece of cheese appears! It’s magic! He put his paws up on the egg Amelia was balancing on, she’s moved up to circling on it as well as just balancing. And I had her do a few simple rally and freestyle moves, more to let her know she’s still important than really training anything. Nobody can really concentrate when there’s a puppy in the room, including the puppy.


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One Response to “Wild, wonderful West Virginia”

  1. Holly Says:


    to Liza for a: having such an advanced puppy and b: for being such a good B-dog owner!

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