First trip alone

Well, Professor

 was with me, but the other dogs stayed home. We went to TSC to buy some pine litter for his litter box. As usual, he settled down in the car pretty quickly. Drove about 1/2 hour. Took him out of the car and put him on the grass at the edge of the parking lot, and he pee’d. Then we went in, my goodness what a big place! with lots of stuff in it! He met a couple of people while I was carrying him, and accepted their adoration like the prince he is. Then I put him down (I had a pocketful of tissues, and a bag, of course, but there were no accidents). He checked stuff out, almost got into a live trap, and met several more people. He’s very interested in people walking away from him, I guess it sets off the chase gene.

Some people came in with a 5-month old Newfoundland, and Professor was interested, but very wary. That’s a BIG dog; not as big as he will be, but plenty big. I picked him up so he didn’t have to deal directly with the Newfie, and he watched it with a lot of interest. We got our litter, and discovered he’s not crazy for riding in the shopping cart. He did have to sit in it, on top of the litter, while I paid. Outside, and another piddle, then into the car crate with a cookie. What a good boy!

I only took one photo, of Professor meeting one of the employees:

Road trip to TSC

Here are some Amelia and the Professor playing photos from yesterday:

Hey, kid, ya wanna play?

I will eat your head now

Pushing the devil dog away


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One Response to “First trip alone”

  1. Holly Says:

    he is TOO cute!

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