Spring, for a day

Yesterday was lovely, sunny, warm, the snow is mostly gone! Took the pupster and Amelia out to play. Oddly enough, one of the cleanest places in the apartment complex is the dog run, because folks who bring their dogs there clean up after them, and it was totally inaccessible during the snows, when everyone let their dogs poop all over without picking up.

Amelia and the Professor playing

Note that they don’t have coats on! What a relief for everyone.

Amelia is very good with Professor. She can easily outrun him, but doesn’t. And he’s hilarious as he toddles along in her wake. She even lets him win occasionally.

Tag you're IT

And...she's OFF!

After all that, we had to go home and have a nice nap.

Sleepy boy

It’s been a week, and we’re sort of settled in. I took last week off work, so I was home all day with the pups. Took Professor on some road trips, and got him settled into the house. Saturday I worked half a day, so he was crated in one of the big dog crates, with Amelia next to him, a litter pan, a chewie, and his breakfast. He did fine. I was planning to have him in an ex-pen in the kitchen, and then to gate the kitchen off, so he’d have the whole place. Turns out he’s at the awkward stage–big enough to climb out of an ex-pen, small enough to fit through the gate. So crate it was. He actually ate all his breakfast! He’s doing fine with crate mats, doesn’t bother them at all, though he does work on the edges of the dog beds.

We’ve been working a little on name recognition, and it’s fun to see him bouncing toward me when I call “proFESSor!” We’ve done a very little work on doggie zen, captured a few sits, tried out the balance egg. He’s learning that Joey really doesn’t want to play; Joey has learned that it’s here to stay, darn it. Amelia still loves him, mostly. She’s a much better puppy trainer than I am, she rarely has to tell him off now for biting too hard. And he’s still too small to follow her onto the chair or the couch so she’s got an escape hatch if she needs it.

I’d forgotten how puppies go from 100 miles an hour to fast asleep in essentially no time at all. And I’d forgotten about the attention span of a gnat. Our first puppy class tomorrow should be interesting, verrrrrry interesting.


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2 Responses to “Spring, for a day”

  1. Holly Says:

    you will have SO much fun with him tomorrow night!

  2. Juli Thompson Says:

    All that snow is gone? I thought it would be May, at least!

    I think that it’s really funny how Amelia had us all bamboozled. Everyone was worried that she would eat the Professor for lunch, and instead, she’s taken him on as a junior henchman. Trust Miss A to always do the unexpected!!

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