Exciting Saturday

Professor came to work with me today at the vet’s. I put his crate behind the front desk, and he was very good all morning. I dropped kibbles and bits of chicken in at random, and he just sat and watched the dogs and cats coming and going.  He only whined when I went out of sight, so I pretty much stayed with him. Luckily, it was a fairly quiet morning. He got to see a standard poodle, and a weimeraner, and a hound, and a beagle cross. And he heard the kitty-cats meowing in their carriers. He was very interested, but content to sit and watch, not screaming to get at them or fearful of them walking by. He got his second vaccines and his microchip with no problems. The vet palpated two testicles, so we’re good there.

Then we went and visited my mom in the nursing home. Professor was on his best behavior, and very gentle. He licked her hand, gently, and she seemed to be pleased to see him. He just got on the bed with her for a few minutes, since he’s got sharp little puppy claws and sharp little puppy teeth, and she has skin like tissue. But he wandered around the room on his leash and she watched him. She seemed amused when he wrapped his leash around my legs!

He’s such a good puppy, so accepting of new things and new places.



One Response to “Exciting Saturday”

  1. Holly Says:

    he IS a good puppy. Scritches and cookies to the little man.

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