More basenji pix

Why I don't own an ex-pen

Nine weeks old and up he goes. Actually, he’d gotten to the top just before this (of course I didn’t have the camera ready) so I put him back. And up he went again:

Oh goody, she forgot to fasten the top snap!

Professor and Amelia are still getting along like a house afire, although the rules are still being written:

Talk to the paw!

Pleeeeeeeease let me have the chewy!

Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top!

Life as the big dogs know it has come to an end; Professor can get up on the couch:

Professor, Joey, Amelia


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One Response to “More basenji pix”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Amelia likes him out of narcissistic fascination – “oh joy, he looks like ME, and I’m so BEAUTIFUL!” so FAB that hey are getting along so well!

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