Professor Update

Professor spent Saturday morning at work with me, and after about 5 minutes of whining settled down very nicely. He even let me walk briefly out of his sight! He was very interested in seeing all the dogs and cats, and very tolerant of the folks who loomed over him going “ooooooooh isn’t he CUUUUUTE!” After that, we had another successful visit to my mom in the nursing home. She really seems to like seeing him bouncing around.

He’s been working on targeting a target stick (actually, it’s a long plastic spoon, but the idea’s the same), interacting with the balance disk, and staying inside a hula hoop. He’s got a bit of barrier frustration, so I’m hoping learning to stay inside a barrier he can easily step over will help. He also gets rewarded for putting his paws on Amelia’s egg. I don’t think this guy will have any trouble when it comes time to teach him the teeter!

I’ve been taking him to the dog yard with Amelia, and he’s enjoying getting to run around off-leash. Don’t know how long this will last, since he can get out under the gate. So far, he really wants to stay with me and Amelia, but… Today I introduced him to the chase-it, a toy like a lunge whip with a stuffed toy attached. He really liked chasing the stuffy, and catching it, and chewing the toy and the rope. Now he’s totally sacked out on the couch with the big dogs.


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