Professor’s Class Report

We went to S.T.A.R. puppy class Monday night. They introduced some baby agility obstacles: jump (with no bar, just running through the standards over the bottom bar), tunnel, table (flat on the ground), and a ladder. Professor was a star! You can certainly tell if a breeder has introduced new stuff and tunnels and things to the puppies! He was the only pup who didn’t hesitate at the tunnel, even though it was an agility tunnel scrunched up, so the footing was different than what he’s used to. But the idea of going through something didn’t phase him at all (of course not, he loves tunnels! just what I need, another tunnel suck!) He was perfectly happy to get up on the table, and off the table, and on the table, and off the table, and on and on. With the ladder, it took a couple of tries to get him to go straight, he wanted to step over the bar, step out on the right, step back in, step over a bar, step out on the left… But he picked it up pretty quickly.

That was the first half of the class, then I settled him on his mat to do a little chewing and regroup. Then our group started working on targeting and leash walking. Unfortunately, Professor’s getting very adept at macrame with leashes, and keeps tying me up. But we’ll get there. He did do his targeting pretty nicely, considering it was a new place full of exciting puppies! And, he let me know when he needed to go out.

Tuesday night is our other puppy class. He did targeting here, too, and started to learn how to work a “That’s easy” button from Staples. He got it a couple of times, but was very distracted by his buddy Mouse the JRT. So we let them play for a bit in the puppy playground, where they wrestled in the tunnel, and ran over the various surfaces, and tipped the baby buja boards. Once they’d moved the tunnel out of place, they had a lot of fun jumping over the sandbag handles on the ground. Professor was a very tired boy after two nights of classes.


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One Response to “Professor’s Class Report”

  1. Lise Says:

    Been catching up on the puppy news– goodness he’s adorable!

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