Professor’s first rally trial

Professor went to an APDT rally trial today! At 11 weeks, he’s not really up to competing, but I was secretary (he’d already helped me a lot with entering the runs in the computer) and Amelia was entered, so along he came. He spent the morning in a crate at the secretary’s desk, listening to me and assorted helpers cussing at the computer, which was fine, and the printer, which adamantly refused to accept my computer as something it should listen to. Finally, a friend ran home and got her printer, which fortunately decided to respond as needed and print out all the paperwork associated with a trial. As usual, rally folks rallied around and helped out and put up with handwritten gate sheets and late scores.

Professor was very good in his crate, whining only when I moved out of his sight, and not always then. He peed and pooped outdoors, which was nice, met a lot of friendly people and dogs, and was much admired by all. Especially me! His gracious offer to help with the paperwork was unreasonably refused by the folks at the table, so he just sat and chewed his chewie. So there.

Amelia’s runs are best left undescribed. She totally blew level 3, was weird in level 2, and pulled a 209 in level 1. Since she needs to Q in all three levels, that means it was a bust. But we still love her. She played nicely with a wound-up Professor when we got home, and now all three dogs are soundly (very soundly) sleeping on the couch.


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