Amelia and the Professor at Rally

Well, today Amelia busted Level 1 (LEVEL 1, for heaven’s sake!) in the morning trial, but got 3 scores of 209 (out of a possible 210) in the afternoon. Whattagirl! Professor spent most of the morning in the building, socializing with dogs and people and watching the trial. Then while Amelia was showing and I was doing paperwork he had to stay in the car with Uncle Joey. He was still pretty tired from yesterday, so he just slept. At least, he was sleeping every time I looked in at him.

This is what it looked like at our house yesterday night, as Professor and Amelia snuggled up and slept real hard:

Snuggling up

Friday night I went to the building to help set up; I got a friend to help me get this photo of Professor in his now-much-too-small coat. It fit him perfectly a month ago! He must be growing!

Professor's growing right out of his coat!

After the trial today, with everything put away, Professor got to romp off-leash with a sheltie/eskie belonging to a friend of mine. Most of the photos didn’t come out–they were too blurred by the motion, which was pretty non-stop.

Professor and Twist


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One Response to “Amelia and the Professor at Rally”

  1. Holly Says:

    love the sporty coat!

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