Professor’s Classes, week 3

We had our usual Monday and Tuesday classes this week. Professor really likes going to school! Monday we played with getting sit on cue (I’m using Plop as the cue, because the sit isn’t what I want for competition yet), luring downs, attention, and targeting. Then we played with the agility equipment–Professor is a star in the tunnel! he loves it so much he kept running back and forth between me and Holly. He also likes the table and the ladder. He remains the youngest and smallest in the class, but the assistant instructor has just gotten an aussie puppy who’s a little bit younger than Professor. She’s just about his size, though.

We did have a little trauma. I took him out about halfway through class (he really can’t go more than about half an hour in all the excitement without needing to pee). As we came back in I ran with him, to keep him interested in staying with me and to get back to class to do the TUNNEL!!! I thought the lady sitting on the sidelines was just watching the class. I didn’t realize that she had a dog in the soft crate next to her, or that the door of the crate was open, or that the dog was GSD that would ERUPT out of the crate roaring at Professor. Who screamed as if he were being skinned alive. I don’t blame him, I almost screamed too. There was no contact, and he bounced right back and went back to class and did his tunnels with no ill effects.

Tuesday night we went to his other class. We were early, so Professor got to play a bit outside with Sprocket, a french bulldog puppy belonging to the instructor. They had a wonderful time romping in the grass and leaves. There was a woman set up in the building who was doing chiro adjustments to various dogs, and she graciously let Professor explore her table, and did a little handling of him. He was too interested in exploring every single dog hair on the table to pay much attention, though. But it was something new for him to experience, and he got to see some dogs coming in for treatments that he doesn’t know.

We worked on mat work, perch work with his balance disk, plops, and luring downs. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s a baby; the older dogs in the class stay in training mode so much longer than Professor does. But he’s still only 11 weeks, and needs almost constant change to keep him engaged.

His buddy the JRT was there, and they had a spirited play session in mid-class in the playground. Professor is very willing to run over the buja boards, much more so than the JRT. And there were TWO tunnels, so they had a lot of fun with that.


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One Response to “Professor’s Classes, week 3”

  1. Judith Stoodley Says:

    Hey, Liza! “I” know Sprocket, but I only “met” him yesterday on the F_R_O_G_S list (French Bulldog obedience). I met his owner, Lori, live at Clicker Expo in RI last year.

    It sounds as though the Professor is learning fast!

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