Busy, busy, busy

Last weekend Amelia and I went to an AKC rally trial. She did well, getting her 5th (out of 10) RAE leg. Since that requires qualifying in both Advanced and Excellent, it’s pretty cool when it all works. She did have one of her mat moments, where she laid down and rolled around. Fortunately, it was before we started, and I sort of let her roll a bit, hoping she’d get it out of her system. Then I kept her moving pretty smartly through the rest of the courses, and we didn’t have any more mat rolls. And I remembered to perform the signs the AKC way, not the APDT way. And I hear UKC is different again, but we haven’t done that yet.

Of course Professor came with us. After Amelia’s runs, I brought him into the building, where he met an aussie puppy, and an adult chihuahua, and a cavalier. We stayed out of the way, since he’s under 6 months and shouldn’t be at dog shows. But he got to see a show, even though it was only rally and obedience. And he was cool with the whole thing, even staying in the car with Uncle Joey while Amelia was busy.

Monday night was our S.T.A.R. puppy class. He’s still doing well, and we didn’t get snarked at by a GSD this week. He still needs a mid-class potty break, and some down time on his mat with his chewy, but he’s very good about performing even when there are other puppies! and tunnels! and a tippy board! around. This puppy just keeps getting better.

Tuesday was our other puppy class. We started Susan Garrett’s crate games. Professor has no problem with his crate, so sitting in it and having cookies rain down on top of him was pretty easy. I’ve got the DVD, must watch that and find out what comes next! And we had our play sessions with Mouse the JRT, and Sprocket the frenchie, and Tory the beardie. Professor is a little wary of Tory, she’s SOOOOO much bigger than he is! and so hairy! And he found out that if he sits at Lori and looks cute, she might give him a cookie! isn’t that exciting! I can certainly live with a dog that thinks sitting to say hi is the way to go. Of course, I need to teach him to stand to say hi, too, for all those judges I hope he’ll be meeting and greeting. But for 12 weeks, he’s doing really well.


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