Back on track

I laid a track for Amelia on the way home from work today, mostly on grass then across a parking lot and island-hopping up the lot. Went home, walked the pups, took them back to the track. While I was waiting for Amelia’s track to age, I put down a scent pad for Professor. I walked and scuffed a rectangle on a patch of grass, and scattered several pieces of dehydrated beef heart in the rectangle.

The boy has the makings of a tracker, I think. It took him a minute or so to realize that heart was GROWING RIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND! but once he twigged to that, he was into the game. Beef heart is his current favorite treat. He worked the pad, even seeming to be casting at one point–a very methodical back and forth. He wandered out of the pad from time to time, and checked out fallen branches and trees and weird plants, but came back with at first a little encouragement, and then no encouragement, I just stood there holding his leash and let him figure it out. Once he got started, his head was down and he was sniffing that grass like crazy!

It started to sprinkle a bit, but not too bad, so I took Amelia out and harnessed her and took her to her track. It’s the first track since this horrible winter we just got through, so I laid a very simple track, straight out on grass, turn, into the parking lot, turn, then island-hopping up the lot. She found the start article, was slow to indicate but did when I asked. Then I found out that she’s totally forgotten starts. So I stood there with her on a short-ish line (about 10 feet) while she wandered around looking confused. Finally got her started, and she sort of said, oh, this, I remember this! and off she went. We were almost to the first turn, i.e., as far from the car as possible, when the sprinkles turned into a major downpour. The kind where you can’t see your dog, let alone your flags, articles, or landmarks. So we aborted it there and ran for cover in the car. Next time I’ll lay several starts for her and see if I can get her back into the game.

On a different subject, there’s a blog I like a lot called Three Woofs and a Woo. The author, Food Lady, takes fabulous pictures of her dogs and writes wonderfully. A few months ago, she got a puppy and she’s posted several pictures of all her dogs, including the puppy, sitting together. It’s a cool way to see the puppy grow. So I decided to try the same thing. Now, FL has a much better camera than I do, and much, MUCH more talent for photography, and I suspect she actually trains her dogs. So her photos are much better than mine.

Amelia and Joey watch in amazement

I think Amelia said something to Professor, like “you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” ’cause he just sort of exploded.

Hi Uncle Joey! Wanna play?


I come up to Auntie Amelia's shoulder

Maybe by next month Professor will know how to sit. Or maybe not.


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One Response to “Back on track”

  1. Lise Says:

    Love that first pic– Joeyzilla!

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