More Tracking, a Late Report, and News

I took everybody tracking tonight. Amelia had a longish track, which she was terrible on. She was hard to start, good on the straights, missed every turn, took off on a critter trail… ick. Just ick. I think next time I’ll lay her an urban track and see if that gets her back into the game. The only time she was really good tonight was crossing the parking lot; the girl really doesn’t like grass. And I got a tick on me. Double ick.

Professor did a little bitty HIT track with lots of hot dogs. He thought that was pretty special. And he did it very nicely. Maybe HE’S my tracking dog. Then I re-baited the track and ran Joey on it. He usually follows the Giant Shedding Pepperoni Monster, but we’re out of pepperoni so he had to make do with hot dogs. He survived, although he’s still got this thing about stepping over the bait then backtracking to it. He’s an odd dog.

Professor had a good class Monday night. He used his Easy button, and even did some downs in public! Whoo hoo! I also snuck in a little LAT the other puppies. I don’t think he understands it, but he’s happy to get clicked. He really enjoys the agility part of the class, especially the TUNNEL! and the tippy board, and last Monday we introduced a dog-walk plank flat on the ground. We missed our Tuesday night class, because I had a flat tire on the way home and by the time I got a new tire and got home it was too late to get to class.

And the news is, Amelia is going to be on Leslie McDevitt’s new DVD, about the games from CU! Amelia’s a star, even if she sometimes sucks at tracking.


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One Response to “More Tracking, a Late Report, and News”

  1. Lise Says:

    Oh neat, congratulations on the DVD appearance! I applied for a dog spot with Keagan when Leslie was local to us and taping for that DVD, but we didn’t get in. We’ll have to live vicariously through Amelia!

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