The Professor does a seminar

He was attending, not giving it, but for 15 weeks old he did really well. The seminar was with Jane Killion, who wrote “When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs”. The basenjis and I are big fans! And it was well worth getting up at 4.

The morning was devoted to a discussion of training and then some free shaping. They set up 6 stations, with different objects in each square of ring gating, and we shaped our dogs to interact with the objects. Then we rotated to a different station, so we didn’t do any one thing very long, but got to practice shaping with lots of different stuff. Professor notes that every place he’s ever gone to where there are other dogs, there’s a tippy board! And he was very good with it. He’s also seen the ladder before. But the skateboard was new. I was really afraid he was going to take off with it! and the next thing I’d hear is that he’s living in Ventura and getting a tattoo! He really thought it was pretty neat to move the board. His little brain exploded by the fourth station, so he got to go out and take a nap in the car with Uncle Joey while Amelia filled in.

In the afternoon, Jane worked with each dog and handler individually. I brought Professor and Amelia in, figuring I’d be working with Amelia and my friend would keep Professor, but Jane called on the puppy! and we worked on attention. We discovered that he doesn’t want to work with a stranger, and he kept running back to me when Jane tried to work with him. But I was getting attention heeling for, oh, whole seconds at a time by the end. And for a baby, that’s not bad. He really was very good all day, whether crated in the other room with Amelia or working or watching or accepting the salutes of his many fans. He really is a cute boy! and good, too!


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One Response to “The Professor does a seminar”

  1. Holly Says:

    what a cutie pie! Good boy Professor!

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