Professor’s Classes and Product Review

After a great weekend at the seminar, Professor fell off a cliff Monday night. No attention, unable to sit or down or push his easy button, he was just all over the place. Oh well, he’s entitled to have an off day now and then. I think maybe, despite having the day to rest up, he was still a little tired after the seminar. Or maybe he just wasn’t in the mood. This weekend, we have no special plans, so he should have a chance to rest up.

Tuesday night’s class worked a bit better. His tummy was upset when we arrived, but after he tossed up some foam and rested a bit on his mat, he felt much better and really got into the work. We did a little work with his easy button, played a little tug, then had a great play session with his JRT friend, Mouse. We practiced calling them out of play and then releasing them to play again. Then Lori helped me do some restrained recalls with him, and he was great.

One of the other students brought one of the Nina Ottossen (sp?) toys to class. It’s basically a dish, with indentations; you put a treat in each indentation, then cover it with a plastic “bone”. The dog sniffs out the treats and has to figure out how to remove the bone to get to them. Professor loved it! So much so that today I ordered him a couple of her games from Amazon. They’re not toys to be left with the dogs unsupervised, but it’s great fun to watch the pup think and figure out how to manipulate the toy.


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2 Responses to “Professor’s Classes and Product Review”

  1. Courtenay Says:

    Hey Liza,
    Having tested out both, which would you say is most mentally difficult for the dogs? The Casino has the hardest rating on the website, where the Tornado is only a 2.5/3 I think. Any thoughts on this? Our dogs are too smart for the Brick game.

    • lizalundell Says:

      I think the Casino is harder, but the b’s really like the spinning around of the Tornado. They’re very “footy” dogs, and the Casino is more a mouthy type of game.

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