Back to school

Professor and I went to the first session of his repeat of the S.T.A.R. puppy class last night. He’s much more grown up now! Very interested in all the other puppies, of course. Professor is the only recidivist, so they’re all new to him. He’s no longer the youngest, at 5-1/2 months, and his attention span has increased a bit. We only took a couple of short mat breaks, and he was interested in going back into class very quickly.

I actually got a down! On the floor! He’s been willing to down on his fluffy mat, but not on the rubber flooring. But last night, he suddenly decided that he really could lay his delicate little self down onto the floor. What a concept!

He continues to lover the tunnel beyond anything else. Anytime we got into that quadrant of the ring, he was pulling toward it. I tried out my new hands-free leash, and it seemed to work fairly well. But he does want to go through that tunnel, over and over!

We tried a recall where I was standing still; up to now, I’ve been running when I call him. He came barreling in to me just the same, and got treats and a tuggy play session. What a good boy!

And I got his buddy Joe and instructor Joyce to handle him and do mouth exams. He’s getting used to it. He doesn’t really understand why everyone he meets wants to look at his teeth, but it’s paying well so he’s sort of ok with it.


One Response to “Back to school”


    Red said to tell The Prof to pretend to bite people who grope him. People give dogs extra cheese if the dog acts annoyed by the handling.

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