Watch Out, Michael Phelps!

Professor got introduced to swimming today. Well, not actually swimming, but getting into water, and most important, getting up the steps and out of the pool. We started him in a baby pool, and his bc friend Specs showed him it was ok.

Professor and Specs in the pool

He got used to it, and quite happily hopped in and out of the pool. He got lots of cookies for his bravery.

Specs supervises Professor in the pool

Once Professor decided that water might possibly not be fatal, we introduced him to the big swimming pool. That’s why he’s on leash here, we were at my friend Ruth’s house, and the baby pool is in the same enclosure as the big swimming pool. Even her smallest vest was too big for Professor, and we didn’t want to take a chance on him falling in. I don’t have any photos of the pool experience, but it went like this.

Ruth got into the pool, at the bottom of the steps. I stood on the steps, holding Professor’s leash. As Professor cautiously explored the steps, we treated him liberally. Specs demonstrated going down the steps and swimming a bit (she’s very good at it). Whenever Professor decided he’d gone too far, he’d climb up the steps, which is fine. I want him to know how to get out if he ever needs to! He got in up to his elbows, which we thought was probably enough for his first time ever in a pool. I’m going to try to take him over once a week or so this summer to swim. When Amelia was coursing a lot, I took her swimming every week, and I think it really helped her stamina and condition. And it’s so low impact. And Professor doesn’t seem to mind it, although he was one tired pupster tonight!


One Response to “Watch Out, Michael Phelps!”

  1. Holly Says:

    it was hot enough here today to warrant a swimming pool!

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