Household Help

Doing laundry is an entirely new experience when you have a 5-month-old basenji puppy helping you.

Start by taking the clothes out of the hamper. Remove puppy from hamper. Take hamper lid away from puppy. Leave hamper and lid, but not puppy, in bathroom. Take clothes to laundry room.

Start to sort clothes. Chase puppy down hall, take sock away from puppy. Return to laundry room. On the way, intercept puppy and take panties away from him. Put sock and panties in washer.

Chase puppy into living room. Take shirt away from puppy. Take shirt to laundry room, put in washer. Chase puppy down hall and take sock away from puppy. Put sock in washer. The heck with sorting, dump half a load of clothes in washer before puppy can get to them.

Chase puppy down hall. Try to take bra away from puppy. Discover that puppy, while indifferent to all the expensive tug toys that surround him, dearly loves tugging on a bra. Yay! A reinforcer you can take into the ring with you!

On second thought, maybe not. The logistics are too difficult. Trade treat for somewhat battered but still wearable bra. Put bra in washer.

Put remainder of clothes in washer, snatching them up faster than a speeding puppy. Take shirt away from puppy. Congratulate yourself on improved speed, he barely got to the laundry room door this time! Put shirt in washer. Start washer.

Sit down on couch and rest. Mother’s little helper will let you know when it’s time to put the clothes in the dryer.


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