Such a Good Guy

Last Monday, we had the best class ever. Professor is getting more and more attentive, as long as I keep him far enough away from the other puppies. There’s a line where he just can’t resist trying to get them to play. But he was really maintaining focus very well during the class.

We even tried a totally off-lead recall. We’ve been doing restrained recalls all along, but with the puppy dragging the leash, just in case. But he was so “on” on Monday that I decided to go for it. So I took his leash off, gave his collar to Joyce, and went halfway across the ring. I called “ProFESSor” and WOW! he came a-runnin’ flat out. We played tug with his squeaky chicken for that!

As always, the tunnel is still his favorite part of class. We did that off-leash, too, which was way cool. And he walked the ladder very calmly and competently.

We also took a couple of breaks on his mat, while the instructor was talking, and he settles very fast, just lies down and chews his antler, then bounces back into the class. I really like that he’s finding his off-switch so well. And all the usual stuff–sits, downs, hand touches, targetting, is going really well too. I even got Joyce to do a conformation exam on him, and he was squirmy but good, and let her check his teeth and everything.

So Monday was a good Professor day. Tuesday was also a good Professor day but a bad Liza day. I had a bad blood sugar crash just as I got home and was walking dogs. I had to cut the walks short and get home and eat, and then lay down for a while. And Professor was just like Joey; he really accepted that, for that period of time, I just couldn’t do anything for him, and he snuggled up and chewed his chewy quietly while I recovered. Bless his lovey little heart!


2 Responses to “Such a Good Guy”

  1. Holly Says:

    you’d better watch out, you’ll have a service dog before you know it!

    • lizalundell Says:

      That’s ok, I love teaching service dog tasks. Not to the level of public access, we’re not qualified for that anyway, but around the house it’s very useful.

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