Professor is a Swimsuit Model

It was beautiful weather today, so I took the guys over to Ruth’s for Professor’s first swimming lesson. We put the smallest life jacket she had on him, and snugged up the fastenings.

Professor models his suit

He really needs a size smaller, as we found out. It took a bit to get him used to having it on; at first, every time he moved, and it moved, he squeaked at it! He was a very indignant little dog. But the powers of canned cheese know no limits and pretty soon he was strutting around like he was somebody. BTW, how come he sneers at real cheese, string cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, but absolutely adores processed cheese-like almost-food that comes in a can??? It must be magic.

So we went over to the pool. And he thought about it a bit, then went down the first step, so his toes were in the water.

Hmmm, wetness

Canned cheese to the rescue once again!

Pretty soon, he came down the next step, and we had to stop taking pix because all our hands were involved with Professor. He sailed off the step and SWAM! for about 2 feet, then he got his foot caught in one of the straps. I got him out immediately, and we let him calm down and eat cheese, then tried him again without the jacket. He wasn’t too enthused, but he wasn’t really blown away, either. So I think swimming may be in his future. I expect that jacket will fit him better in a couple of weeks, as fast as he’s growing. He was in no danger, since I had my hands on him the whole time, but it did worry him a bit when the strap grabbed his foot. Poor boy.


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