A Busy Weekend

Saturday, we went to an APDT Rally trial. Amelia got another leg toward her ARCH-MX, which was nice, but by the second trial she was totally fried. We NQ’d on the first exercise in level 3, and on the second exercise in level 2 she sat then laid down, so I pulled her. I was going to treat it as a training run, but she was just too tired. It was a hot day, and she is going to be 11 in August.

Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club had its Fun Day match Sunday, and of course we all went. Joey fulfilled his usual dog-show function of sitting in the car and babysitting Professor when Amelia was busy. Amelia and Professor participated. It was another hot day, but fortunately the b’s don’t feel the heat as much as some breeds. The first thing was  a little agility course (just jumps, tunnels, and table). Amelia and I did some handling moves and we practiced me not getting in her way, sometimes successfully. At the end of the agility demos, we spread out one of the tunnels and Jane helped me do restrained recalls through the tunnel with Professor. Professor loves him some tunnels!

Amelia and Professor at Fun Day

Next was the trick class. I had to get someone to help me, since both Amelia and Professor were entered
 and all the entries had to go in the ring together. Amelia’s trick is, I say “achoo” and she runs to a box of Kleenex and brings me one, then she takes the Kleenex and drops it in a trash can. She won the class, which was nice. She got a big rosette and a pretty box full of dog cookies. Professor has a little baby trick, since he’s just a little baby puppy; he goes to an “easy” button from Staples and pushes it so it says “that was easy”. I was very pleased that he was able to do that, in spite of being in a ring in a strange place with a bunch of other basenjis, who did some very cute tricks. 

Amelia and her Best Trick ribbon

Then I had Professor entered in several Parts classes, where the dogs are judged on things like nicest ears, eyes, neck, feet, etc. He did well, and I was ecstatic about how he behaved in a ring full of basenjis! He did pull toward other dogs occasionally, but generally he was focussed on me and paying attention most of the time. Since he was the only entry, he easily won the 3-6 month brindle puppy dog class. So he got to go back in the ring for best puppy. Didn’t win, but I was pleased that he was functional when
moving with other dogs, going away from and back toward the other dogs, etc. He stood nicely on the table, with pretty minimal wiggle-worming. Our work on him letting people look at his teeth paid off and he was very good about being handled by a stranger. And the judge was very generous with handling tips and helping all the puppies get used to the ring.

It was a great day, and now Joey is sacked on the dog bed, Amelia is sacked in her crate, and Professor is sacked on the couch. I think Professor has the right idea.


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