Amelia and Professor Go Places and Do Things

So a week ago, Professor and I went to A Click Above for his first conformation handling lesson with Corally Burmaster. He had a brand-new Resco leash, and I had a pocket full of beef heart. It was win-win all the way. He learned to move in a (more or less) straight line, and to stand still (now THAT’S hard!) He was very interested in being in a new place, and wanted to meet and greet all the dogs, but did pay pretty good attention. I came home with a list of homework, and he came home and took a long nap.

Professor naps while Joey chews a hoof

The next weekend, Amelia and I went to Richmond to do AKC Rally. We were entered Saturday and Sunday, but on Saturday I hadn’t left enough time, and got caught in the horrid traffic on 95, so we ended up turning around and coming back home. I hate 95. Sunday I left earlier, and we had a smoother trip. It was brutally hot, so I left Professor at home with Joey to babysit. Neither was very happy with that arrangement, but oh well. Amelia kind of enjoyed having a day out with me without the puppy, I think. At least, she qualified in both Advanced (with a 99 out of 100!!!!!) and Excellent (with a 94). I was very proud of her. That’s her sixth leg toward her RAE. Then she stayed quietly in her crate with a chewy, while I cruised the vendors. And when we got home, she took a nap.

Get away with that thing, I'm SLEEEEEPING!

Professor has had a couple of very good classes in his S.T.A.R. puppy class. We’re almost at the end of the second session. He’s very good, and can be off-leash for the tunnel, which is still his favorite thing. But he runs straight back to me, except when Kathy was sitting on the floor at the end of tunnel taking pictures. That was just tooo tempting! and he went to say hi!
I’ve been taking Amelia along to keep Professor company in the car. Without her. he gets worried, and often poops in his crate and dances in it, not really a nice way to start class. But the last couple of classes I’ve left her home and he’s been fine. He’s almost 6 months old now, and I guess he’s growing up and feeling more secure about travelling. Which is good, ’cause he’s going to do a lot of it, what with classes, and shows, and coursing, and agility, and rally, and maybe obedience….
So we finish class, and I pack up all our stuff and put it in the car, and put Professor in his crate, and reach for my keys. No keys. Take everything out of purse. No keys. Use parking-lot key to start car and give Professor some AC. Take everything out of training bag. No keys. Search building. No keys. Enlist help, and search the potty area. No keys. Return to car expecting to find hysterical puppy who’s been abandoned. Find puppy sound asleep. Check building again. Kathy looks out the window, and points to keys on top of car, hiding behind the roof rack. Take Professor home.
Professor has also been introduced to the balance egg. By using canned cheese, I’ve gotten him pretty comfortable on it. He’ll stand and sit, reach up and down and to both sides for cheese, and even turn all the way around.

Checking out the balance egg

Standing on the egg

MMMMMM, canned cheese!

That’s Joey, supervising. Amelia has to be crated when Professor is on the egg, because she thinks the egg is the best thing ever and would undoubtedly push him off. Ahhhh, the power of canned processed cheese-like food!


One Response to “Amelia and Professor Go Places and Do Things”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    Oh, good! I was missing the updates and glad things are going well. Canned cheese (cheddar and bacon) is the one I get for Devlin’s kong. He’s just about got a go-out so we may try Open at the next St. Hubert’s we can get to.

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