And Again

Professor went back to the dog show today. And again, he was WD and BOW. So that’s another point, yay Professor!

And the judge advised me on how to gait him, and it went much better. I was doing the same thing I do in obedience, slowing down lest the dog get too ramped up and take off. But Professor needs to move out more, and when I let him, he gaited much better. It felt better, too. So maybe I’m getting a little less clueless. Professor was very good about the exam, and he just naturally stands pretty square. And he was a little less obsessed with looking at the other puppy. Not entirely over it, but better.

And I have his leash around the chair leg, and am practicing reeling it in and folding it up while I read email. Maybe in a few years I’ll actually be able to do it as gracefully as the other handlers….


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