And a third point

So, on Saturday Professor again went WD and BOW, for his third point. Felt good, and he handled nicely. We need a lot of work on the table; he wants to lean against me. And until today, I didn’t realize that you’re allowed to stand in front of the dog! So maybe that will work better for Professor. He is a handsome boy.

And he was still handsome on Sunday, when he went second of two in puppies. Oh well, it wasn’t as good an outing, and he didn’t show as well. He was totally distracted on the table. He wanted to turn around and watch a handler who was breaking down his set-up behind us, and I couldn’t get him to stand straight at all.

But I got more than I was expecting. I just wanted this outing to tell us what we needed to work on, and to get both of us a little ring experience. The three points are just gravy.


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