Professor gets leveled

Sue Ailsby has very graciously put a complete training program on her website, for FREE! It’s called Training Levels. Her website is www DOT dragonflyllama DOT com. The levels are a detailed training program that provide the basis for whatever competition sports or service or even household behaviors you want your dog to have.

So Professor started level 1 tonight. To pass level 1, he has to come, sit, down, touch my hand, and do doggy zen, all to specifications in the level. When he’s completed that, we start on level 2. From his S.T.A.R. puppy classes, he already knows sit, down, touch, and we’ve started doggy zen. He had a fabulous recall, but is now in adolescence and all his brains have fallen out his left ear. So we’ll be working on that.

I’ve also signed up for an online recall class Susan Garrett is running, starting Aug. 1. Her website is http:// susangarrettdogagility DOT com. Hopefully that will help with his recalls. We did a bit of practice at Ruth’s last weekend, calling him back and forth between us, and then doing some restrained recalls. I’ve also been doing collar grabs with him. He’s fine with having his collar grabbed for a treat when he’s loose, either in the house or at our dog run, but not when he’s on-leash and we’re on a walk. I need to start carrying better treats.

We’ll hope for a short adolesence and a quick return of his brain cells.


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