I hope. There was a for-real photographer at the agility trial we went to over July 4, and he got some great pix of Amelia doing agility (slowly, but hey, it was HOT) and of Professor playing with a poodle and a cattle dog. Hope this works:

Blasting out of the tunnel.

She’s so cute when she jumps!

Amelia negotiates the teeter.

Amelia hops onto the table to stop the clock.

Meanwhile, Professor was outside playing with his new best buds:

Professor and his poodle buddy

Professor makes new friends

Happy Professor!

Runs with poodles!


2 Responses to “Photos!”

  1. Holly Says:

    cuties both of them!

  2. Chris Waggoner Says:

    Nice shots! I love the “Happy Professor” shot the best.

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