Swim, puppy, swim!

Went over to Ruth’s again today. Professor has grown almost entirely into the “big dog” floater, if we tighten all the straps up as far as they’ll go, and he had three shortish swimming sessions. None of them was his idea, but we managed. Swimming is hard work for a pupster! But he very quickly recovered when out of the pool. So I’d walk him around the edge of the pool, then in we’d go again. I held the loop on the top of his floater, and held the back end of the floater to keep him level in the water.

Amelia also got a turn to swim. She isn’t really interested in swimming, what with all that water and all, but she’s VERY interested in the canned cheese that gets squirted into swimming dogs. What a dilemma!

Joey just sat under the table and wondered where everyone was. But we spent a lot of time giving treats to the dogs, and he got his share. It was very cute, when I pulled in and was getting dogs out of the car, Joey’s tail was wagging like mad! He knew where we were, and he was happy to be there. He’s not much of a tail wagger, so this was big for him.

We also did some recalls with Professor, using his new favorite treat, raw hamburger. He did quite a few recalls between Ruth and me, with collar grabs and treats each time. Then he decided that it was more fun to run around the person calling him. So we did a few recalls with Amelia, and she got the hamburger. That brought Professor back into line, and we quit on a good note. The Susan Garrett recall course started today, and we’re working on it. But right now, everyone’s sound asleep. It was a busy, and hard exercising, day for basenjis.


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