Amelia goes to All Stars

  • Amelia and I went to All Stars August 6-8, a tournament competition with obedience, rally, and agility competitions. We were in Super Rally, so we had three rounds, each round consisting of an Advanced and an Excellent Rally Course. To participate in All Stars, you have to qualify, either by score or by title. You can get your qualifying scores in other venues, but All Stars itself is AKC rules.

We stayed at the host hotel, a Holiday Inn. The competition was at the York Expo Center, a couple of miles away. It was very convenient. We arrived Friday, for the Ultimate Rally Challenge, a course consisting of all 52 AKC rally signs. It was a bear, but a lot of fun. It was a game, not a competition. They ran it on the agility turf, so our sniffing problem was even worse than usual, and after about 30 signs or so, my eyes glazed over.

Friday night was the banquet and silent auction, which was great. Good food, and the desserts were amazing. There were some great items in the auction, and the evening was relaxing and fun. Professor is an old pro at road trips by now, and my friend Kate came with me which really helped with the dogs. We got in some good recall practice with Professor. Joey wasn’t thrilled to be on the second floor, but he negotiated the stairs pretty well, and by Sunday was going up and down like a pro. But the weekend was really all about Amelia.

Saturday afternoon was our first round of competition. The organizers provided goodie bags for all of us, with a certificate of participation, and doggie and people goodies and toys. There were some good vendors, too, so I spent way too much money, but that’s what vacations are for, right?

Steve Surfman was there taking photos, so we’ve got some good ones. The lighting was a bit uneven, and of course you don’t want a flash going off while you’re negotiating a course.

Amelia heels, sort of

Sloooowly she sits

And then ....

she downs

She spots a temptation

She heads for the temptation

She checks out the temptation

Then she decides to rejoin me

And we head off to the jump

The (nerve-wracking) honor

The honor steward and spectator are watching the working dog, but I’ve got my eyes riveted to Amelia. Who held all three honors, didn’t go down on the sit, didn’t sit on the down, didn’t get up and try to leave…. Bless her working little heart.

We finished up 13 out of 16 competitors–not last, but we could see it from where we stood. But that’s ok, she proved she was an All Star, she qualified every time she ran, and it certainly wasn’t her fault that I had her finish right instead of left and had to repeat the sign! Although she could have resisted the temptation–she doesn’t even LIKE toys particularly.


One Response to “Amelia goes to All Stars”

  1. Sara (and Layla) Says:

    Oh, I love the “spots a temptation” series of photos! She may not even LIKE toys particularly, but how was she to know that she wouldn’t like this PARTICULAR toy unless she checked it out? 😉

    My favorite pictures of Layla are always the ones where she’s being blatantly naughty at trials, even though I may not be happy with her at the moment. I just can’t help loving that “I’m being blatantly naughty” look on her face… and Amelia looks like she’s got that look down pat. Love it!

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