Professor at the Dog Show

Professor and I went to a dog show yesterday. It was a regional basenji specialty, as part of an all-breed show, so we got to show in puppy sweepstakes and the regular 6-9 month puppy class.

I overslept (3:30 am is a time that should only be approached from the night before) and we were late in arriving. The judge was still examining puppies on the table, though, and he let us show. I tossed Professor’s lead on, put on a number, stuffed some bait in my pocket, and dashed into the ring. We went around, then got into line.

I’d wondered about entering this sweepstakes, because the judge is the owner of Professor’s sire. But I was told that because he’s not the breeder of the litter, and he didn’t sell me the puppy, I could show Professor to him.

And he likes Professor! We won the class, then he went BOS to a very nice bitch. We’re still wrestling with P’s desire to turn around and look at the other dogs, and our table needs a little more work, and someday I hope I can manage a show lead like some of the pros do. But it helps to have a nice-looking puppy.

In the large (8 puppies) 6-9 month class, we were third. I was very pleased with how he did. Our next show’s at the beginning of October. In fact, the Sunday show of the cluster is on Professor’s 9-month birthday, so I’ll have to move him to 9-12 month puppies for that. And it will be our first outdoor show, which should be interesting.

Outside the ring, Professor is a total twit. He has (at 7 months) discovered the fact that girls exist. He’s not quite sure what that’s all about, but he’s very interested in finding out. He’s not breedist at all, he was looking at the pugs and the greyhounds and the great danes…. And flipping all over at the end of his leash, and trying to shoplift bully sticks, and generally being a total twit. He’s lucky he’s cute.


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