Freestyle Seminar

Amelia and Professor and I went to a freestyle seminar with Susan Brogan yesterday. It worked out really well; Professor participated in the morning session, where we worked on teaching various moves, and Amelia came in the afternoon to get some help with choreography.

Professor has reverted to having the attention span of a gnat; hormones are raging, and I get in maybe 5-6 c/t before he loses his focus. So we’d do a short training session, play a little tug, then do another short training session, tug, train, go outside, train, sit down and relax him, and so on. But I got some new moves to work on, and we’ll continue with the short sessions at home while we wait for the maturity fairy to come and scatter brain dust over him.

I’ve been wanting to teach Amelia to do side passes at a distance from me. She’s great right next to me, but I’ve never been able to get the side pass on a totally verbal cue, she’s too dependent on my position. Susan came up with the idea of putting her on the other side of a gate. Then when she’s comfy with that, I can start gradually moving back from the gate. Works like a charm! Whoo hooo. And I got some ideas for choreographing a piece of music I really want to use in a routine.

Now we just need the weather to cool off so we can re-start our Sunday afternoon freestyle training sessions.


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