Amelia does it again

Showed Amelia in Rally this past weekend. She qualified in Excellent and Advanced, both days, for her 8th and 9th RAE legs. She needs 10 legs for the title. Then, I guess, it’s on to RAE2. She seems to enjoy going to shows, and she certainly enjoys going as a singleton, with no puppy hanging off her.

Saturday she seemed really tired. We didn’t show til after 12, so it wasn’t that we had to get up at the crack of dawn, but still she seemed very subdued and not really “on”. She went down on the honor sit, so that’s 10 points off, but she did get the Q, which is all I really went for. She also got a toy, which was promptly seized and fought over by Joey and Professor. She was a little better in Advanced. Slept like the dead all the way home, and slept soundly Saturday night.

Sunday she seemed much more rested, and was very content to nap in her crate at the trial. We were at the end of both Excellent and Advanced, so she had plenty of time to chill. She did much better, both scores were over 90 (out of 100). I was very pleased with her. It was quite a bit cooler than Saturday, which may have made a difference, too, alhtough the building has ac and was comfortable.

I helped set the courses, since the club didn’t have too many experienced rally people. The judge had already pulled all the signs, so it wasn’t too hard, although the shift from Advanced to Novice was a bit complicated. We did it, though. And then the show chair came up while I was putting the advanced signs into order, and handed me a gift card for PetCo! She said they were giving them to all the stewards. I pointed out that I wasn’t a steward, just a competitor who stayed to help a bit. But she gave me the card anyway. I passed it on to my friend Carol. who had helped set the Excellent and Advanced courses but had to leave. She does rescue, and I figured the basenjis are sufficiently spoiled, judging by the number of dog toys that are strewn about the apartment.  

Usually, Professor and Amelia are crated together in the dog room, while Joey is loose in the living room. That’s gated off so he can’t get into the dog room. In the past, I’ve put Joey in Amelia’s crate when I’ve needed to take her away, but Professor is getting confident enough that I tried leaving him alone, with Joey in the living room but not right next to him. And he was fine with it. A bit of whining when we left, which is kind of standard, but he wasn’t really upset, just mad that he wasn’t going. He gets next weekend, Friday-Sunday, at the conformation shows.

Professor had a really good night at agility class Monday. He’s able to back through the ladder, but not to back into it. Amy had challenged us to try to teach this. I’ve been working on backing him up between two broad jump boards. When he was backing nice and straight, I put some thick dowels down, and backed him over them. With the ladder, as long as I walked him into it, he could back out of it. But he totally doesn’t get backing into the ladder. Think I’ll try shaping that this week. He’s still really interested in the other dogs. Especially the girls. And he and the intact male sheltie were posturing at each other at one point. He’s such an adolescent boy!


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