Professor’s big weekend

Professor went to the dogs this weekend. We showed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Warrenton Kennel Club and Old Dominion Kennel Club shows.

Friday, he went WD and BOW for his fourth point. He showed very nicely, especially considering that it was his very first outdoor show. I thought he was going to go straight through the gates to the gyro stand on the down-and-back, but he turned nicely and gaited back with me.

Best part of the day, though, was that Damara told me I handled him well! Whoo hooo!

Saturday, he won his class (he was the only entry) but finished his 6-9 month puppy career with nothing more. But he showed ok, and you can’t win ’em all.

Sunday he began his 9-12 month puppy career. We were scheduled at 8:30 am (arrrrgggggghhhhhh). Got there in time, got organized. One of the other handlers was fussed that the judge was wearing a hat and glasses. Hadn’t occurred to me to worry about such, and in the event I was right; Professor took hat and glasses completely in stride. Won his class and WD, for two points. Then we went back in for BOB. He was lined up between a bitch special and WB, so his brains were totally absent. I would get him to stand up straight, and he’d suddenly lunge toward the bitch special. I’d get him to straighten up again, and he’d twist around toward WB. Judge had us gait around one at a time, and Professor really stepped out (he was trying to get to the “woooommmmmaaaannnnn!”). And at the end, the judge pointed to US for Best of Breed! Professor’s first Best of Breed! and because he beat three specials, it was a three-point major! Professor’s first major win! Way to celebrate a nine-month birthday!

I missed the first photo op because I was taking Professor for a walk. I still don’t have a feel for the rhythm of conformation shows. But that gave us an opportunity to let Professor explore the photo area, and check out the decorations (there was a very suspicious gourd that needed to be investigated carefully) before we took the photo.

He did nothing in group, and was obviously the only puppy there. It was good experience for both of us.

Then we went to our pre-agility class Monday night. And for a nickel I’d have sold you a basenji puppy and given change. He was totally out of it. All he wanted to do was lunge toward the other dogs, and run toward the other dogs, and try to get to the other dogs. I ended up sitting outside the ring with him, working on offered attention. Then I stood up and we did attention work again. Then I took a step closer to the ring and we did attention work… and so on. He does get excited about other dogs, but this was ridiculous. I’m hoping he was just tired from the weekend and will have a working brain cell by next week.


One Response to “Professor’s big weekend”

  1. Ruth Sweet Says:

    Way to go Professor ! Sounds like a great weekend. Auntie Ruth misses the basenjis.

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