Where, Oh Where …

is the handler trade-in center? Amelia wonders. She did a perfectly nice run in Rally Excellent at Capitol Dog Training Club, including a perfect honor sit, only to be NQ’d because her doofus handler walked right past sign 4. AND, it was back up three steps, a sign she excels at. Last year, she got a first place in Excellent at this trial. This year, she got an nq. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. Totally not her fault. So I pulled her from Advanced, since she needs both classes to get an RAE leg. And this would have been her 10th leg, and her title. Ah well, she’s entered for three days on the 22, 23, and 24, so hopefully she’ll finish at one of those trials. It’ll be the first time for me to show Amelia in rally and Professor in breed at the same show; should be an interesting experience if nothing else.


One Response to “Where, Oh Where …”

  1. lessonsfromlayla Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry! If Amelia finds the handler trade-in center, Layla would like to be informed of the location as she’d also like to apply for a new model. I do the same thing to her ALL the time. Poor dogs, handicapped by their oblivious humans.

    Does Amelia also get “stupid mama cookies”? I think Layla would have given up on the game long ago if I didn’t pay her extra well for putting up with my mistakes.

    Good luck later this month!

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